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Turning to Others to See Yourself Clearly

Sometimes the best thing we can do to quiet the buzzing of insecurity and self-doubt is sit back and watch.To pause and notice the looks of love and admiration from those around you, to truly hear that compliment you were given, to understand what your boss is really saying to you when she hands you an important project.To see yourself as others see you.

“Oh what a great gift we would have if we could see ourselves as others see us” Robert Burns

Let others show you your greatness

While it’s important to be able to self-validate and to be able to take control of limiting beliefs, it’s often easier said than done.

Our insecurities can really cloud our vision and judgement at times. In those moments it can be useful to look to others to help you see your greatness. Your boss, friends, family, colleagues, partner.

You know it is there, within you. You know what you are capable of, what your potential is  but sometimes it can be hard to believe it coming from yourself. Or it can be scary and overwhelming to allow yourself to see yourself as the powerful, capable person that you are.

Sometimes you just need to switch the lens through which you view yourself.

The ones who see your truth

The beautiful thing about loved ones is that they see you as you are, even when you aren’t capable of seeing yourself clearly. They gravitated to you for a reason, which is likely pretty crystal clear to them.

Take advantage of that clarity to help you discover the most wonderful parts of yourself  take advantage of the fact that their minds are free from nagging doubts and fears about your worth and value that they are able to cut right to your truth.

I once received a gift  a book  from a woman that I worked with and respect a great deal where she wrote on the inside jacket “you don’t even know how good you are”. Eight simple words that gave me the ability to see and the permission to proudly claim the very best parts of me.

Allow them to help you name the gifts that you know are there, but haven’t fully embraced yet.And once you’ve come face to face with your greatness, don’t back away from it. Shine light on it, water it, nurture it. Welcome it. Don’t apologize for it.And then return the favour, and help someone else see theirs. 

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You Are Three Words Away From a Better Day

I must confess: the first time someone (probably my mom) told me to ‘set my intentions’, I  definitely internally rolled my eyes (it might have been something like this).

The idea that just thinking about something would somehow help me bring it to fruition seemed pretty absurd. Frankly, it seemed like new age nonsense to me.

But I’ve come a long way since then.Over the last couple of years, I’ve experienced some very high highs and some very low lows. Throughout these experiences, one of the most valuable tools in my personal wellness arsenal has been the practice of setting intentions. 

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How do you describe yourself?

Words are mighty things, indeed.We use words to give ourselves names and titles that become identities that we wear as we move through the world: daughter, bookworm, boyfriend, athlete, home-owner, grandparent.

While each of these words carry a significance on their own, when we weave them together into identity statements, they become tools that we use to help us understand ourselves, and help others interpret our being.

Sometimes those are words that we have assigned to ourselves, but often these words, names, and titles are given to us by others. Over time, we let others name us and we begin to wear their interpretation of us as our own.So if you’re looking to reclaim your power in 2014, let’s start with how you talk about yourself. 

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Five Productivity Experiments for 2014

It always makes me laugh when people tell me that I seem to having it all  together(whatever that even means!), because my life can look pretty darn messy and chaotic at times from my perspective.One of the things that I am eternally trying to get a handle on is that awful ‘p word’:Productivity.

There are a million articles, blog posts, books, and tip sheets out there promising to make you faster, more effective, and more focused in your work. And there are certainly no shortage of stories about super productive people whose routines seem so insanely efficient that you can’t help but wonder if they’re even human (I’m lookin’ at you, Ryan Holiday).

I’ve personally found the deluge of advice to be a little bit overwhelming  not to mention the fact that many of these popular rituals and routines stress me out just thinking about them!

If I feel myself tense while I’m reading about a new method or system, that is my body giving me the sign that it’s time to step away slowly and try something else. No matter how many outrageously efficient founders swear by it, it won’t do you any good if it doesn’t feel right.

That said, I’m always on the hunt for new elements that I can incorporate into my daily routine to help me get more done and live with greater ease.So this year, I’m running five productivity experiments to see if I can’t make some improvements to my work flow and my overall wellbeing 

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